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LiveJournal for Dragonball Z Role-Playing Community.

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Monday, May 30th, 2005

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Posted by:_goku_.
Time:9:28 pm.
This community is now closed.

We may be switching management.


Thursday, July 10th, 2003

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Subject:Goku's so I'm doing the stats this week...
Posted by:x_goten_x.
Time:2:28 pm.
_android_17_ You need to post today (the 10th)!!

_bulma_ You need to post tomorrow (the 11th).

_goku_ You posted one week ago also... but I know you're gone at camp. Hope you're having fun!!! ^_^;

_marron_ You haven't posted in 2 weeks. So please, post A.S.A.P.!!!

_mirai_trunks_ You posted three days ago, so you're good until the 14th.

android_18 You posted 5 days ago, so you need to post on the 12th.

bra_brief You also posted 5 days ago, so you're due to post on the 12th as well.

saiyan_prince I know you're also gone at camp... so have fun!!

son_chi_chi You posted a exactly a week ago, so you're due to post today (the 10th).

x_goten_x I posted yesterday, so I'm okay until the 16th.

Thursday, June 5th, 2003

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Subject:I think I'm gonna cry...
Posted by:_bulma_.
Time:4:15 pm.
Mood: distressed.
School sucks. My advisor sucks. Everything sucks.

Entries are getting moved to Fridays. That is all.


Tuesday, May 6th, 2003

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Posted by:_bulma_.
Time:5:23 pm.
Mood: busy.
[Hey, kids. Today was my last day of regular class, which means it's now finals week. Yay. So, 5 hard tests coupled with a busy work schedule this weekend means my post will be next Wednesday instead of this Wednesday. Just in time for 18's birthday! ;) Sorry for this little quiet spell from me - see y'all in a week.]

Friday, March 7th, 2003

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Posted by:bra_brief.
Time:4:43 pm.
Mood: peaceful.
Hiya, My name is Melissa, im 14, and I live in California, and I'll be RPing Bra Brief, The Saiyan Princess. I like to Draw, Sing, Dance, Play Video Games, Watch T.V., Play Outside, Hang out with my friends, Normal stuff that you would you if you were normal! If you want to contact me, look at my profile, I'm mostly on in the afternoon, and my dad says I can use it in the night as well, so I'll be on in the nighttime as well. Hmm.. I'm not sick or anything right now at the moment, although yesterday in the morning I had a sore throat, which is gone now, what a miracle. That's pretty much it. I'll go ahead and add the players's contacts to mines. Thanks~!

(Bring out your energy)

Posted by:_videl_satan_.
Time:7:16 pm.
grr..the code got messed up..well my user name is sunnyd143..but..ehhh..you get the point..just click on the link. heh

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Posted by:_videl_satan_.
Time:7:11 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Hey, My names Gina, I'm going to be playing Videl. If you'd like to know more about me you can check out my journal and info n' such. My user name is

I'm really happy to be in this RPG! ^_^


Monday, February 10th, 2003

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Subject:my introduction
Posted by:_mirai_trunks_.
Time:7:25 pm.
hi! i'm emily, and i'm going to be portraying mirai trunks! if you wanna say hi, my e-mail is perubia@aol.com and my aim is perubia. i also have another livejournal under EmpressE. i guess that's it for now. bye!

Friday, February 7th, 2003

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Subject:[[Hello Everyone]]
Posted by:_goku_.
Time:6:38 pm.
Mood: busy.
[[Hello, this is a post to anyone who may be passing by at the moment.

This is the Angel of Light Dragonball Z Role-playing Game. At the moment we are in desperate need of some players. We have quite a few main characters still up for grabs. Perhaps you'd be interested in playing one of them?

If you feel that you might be interested you will want to visit our RPG website at


You can find everything you want there including how to join, the rules, a list of available characters, a list of members, and the join form. Be aware that we are not accepting 'original' or 'made up' characters until more of our main openings are filled.

Also, I am available on AIM with the screen name 'PieEatingSaiyan' and will gladly answer questions. You can also reach me at my email which is 'moonmist2001@yahoo.com'. Be sure to put 'Dragonball Z RPG' in the title or I may delete it.

Thank you, that is all.]]

Friday, January 17th, 2003

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Subject:Thin Mints........
Posted by:chibi_trunks.
Time:11:11 pm.
Speaking of Girl Scout cookies and thin mints........we had Girl Scouts in front of the BX today selling cookies!!! I took the opportunity to buy a box of Thin Mints and a box of Caramel Delites. yay!!! ^_^

Saturday, January 11th, 2003

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Subject:blast from the past
Posted by:chibi_trunks.
Time:12:01 pm.
This is just a small bio-card that I made quite some time ago and posted in my regular journal.....just thought I'd share it with you guys.

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 195596
Date Created:3 Jun 01
Number of Posts: 105

14 years into the future, the Androids rule the Earth and Trunks and Gohan are the only surviving Z waririors. One day, the androids 17 and 18 kill Gohan. Trunks becomes determined to change the past. Using a time machine, Trunks arrives to the present during the second return of Freeza.
Strengths: Powerful young Super Saiyajin with the blood of a Saiyajin prince running through his veins.
Weaknesses: Growing up in a world of torment, death, and destruction, Trunks became very good at staying alive and keeping hidden from the androids....thus he doesn't appear to have weakness, and if he does, he keeps them well hidden.
Special Skills: Was able to reach the level of "Super Saiyajin" at a very young age. Signature moves include the "burning attack" (a barage of arm movements ending in the user touching the tips of the forefingers together and the thumbs, a bit time consuming) as well as the "finish buster" (consists of the user pulling hand behind his back and then shooting forward with a quick blast to finish off the enemy)
Weapons: Trunks is well known for his trusty sword, given to him as a child by the legendary warrior Tapion after defeating the demon Hildegarn.
Favorite Brand: This would have to be obvious....the name of the corporation run by his own family, Capsule Corp.

Make your own LiveJournal Trading Card!
Brought to you by crossfire

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Posted by:chibi_trunks.
Time:11:42 am.

You are SO Krillin!

You are SO Krillin.

Find out which DBZ male YOU are.

You are SO Lunch!

You are SO Lunch.

Find out which DBZ female YOU are.

Thursday, January 9th, 2003

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Posted by:x_goten_x.
Time:3:28 pm.
Mood: busy.
I'd like to appologize in advance for any slacking off I do in the next week and a half.

I have finals comming up in school... and I've been rather buisy. Hopefully I will find time to get on the computer and read all your lovely entries.

...if not. ;-; then I'm really sorry.

*sigh* Anyway, hope you are all doing well.

*waves* bubye.

Monday, January 6th, 2003

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Posted by:son_pan.
Time:3:18 pm.
Mood: giggly.
Thanks everyone for the concern =D

I was wondering if anyone knows where to get some DBZ icons..I want one of pan smiling or happy or something..I don't like this sad one!

Sunday, January 5th, 2003

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Posted by:son_pan.
Time:8:56 am.
Mood: busy.
Hey guys. I just want to apologize about not updating as much as I should be. I have been kinda depressed lately, and I just have not got around to it. So, I'll be sure to update regualry now ;D

Tuesday, December 17th, 2002

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Subject:Soooooooooooooooooooo Sorry! >_<;;;
Posted by:x_goten_x.
Time:4:27 pm.
Mood: embarrassed.
wow, I am REALLY REALLY SORRY! I know this is exstremely late... but better late than never... right? ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

My name is Jenna, and I'm playing Goten. Which thanks to a Trunks just got much more interesting. ^__________________________^

Um... if you need/want to contact me, my email is: AmarriMusoka@msn.com ... or you can AIM me. My Screen Name is: AmarriMusoka. (sorry, I haven't been creative enough to make one just for Goten)

I might get around to it in the future. If so I'll be sure to let you guys know.

eh... I don't think there is anything else. Other than to wish everyone a very wonderful Christmas, and appologize again for my ignorence...


Monday, December 9th, 2002

(Bring out your energy)

Subject:Konnichiwa, minna-san!
Posted by:son_chi_chi.
Time:10:43 pm.
I'm son_chi_chi and I'm playing...well...Chi Chi! My email is karma_aster@yahoo.com, I'm Karma Aster on AIM, and if you want to look at the demented ramblings of my alter-ego, Ryuu, she's at karma_aster.

Ja ne!

Sunday, December 8th, 2002

(Bring out your energy)

Posted by:_bulma_.
Time:11:51 pm.
[Well, pretty much everyone has seen my journal by now, but I'm your Bulma! :D LJ's here - www.livejournal.com/users/_bulma_ , AIM is Rapunzell452, email is rapunzel452@yahoo.com. And with that, consider my introduction complete. :) ]

Tuesday, November 26th, 2002

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Posted by:son_pan.
Time:5:25 pm.
Hey Everyone! I'm the player of son_pan. I've wanted to play pan in a RPG forever, so I'm really excitied!

If you need to reach me, IM SilverSpurs05, or e-mail SilverSpurs05@aol.com

Friday, November 15th, 2002

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Posted by:_goku_.
Time:4:35 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
[[Well I know that private entries should be locked but nyah. This is here so that any wandering people know this is the Dragonball Z Livejournal Role-playing community and in order to join you have to be a character.

If you would like to join please check out this journals profile for more information. As for our characters....hello and welcome. ^_^]]

LiveJournal for Dragonball Z Role-Playing Community.

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